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  • We help our clients to put in place a debt recovery strategy :
    • Auditing the enterprise’s current in-house debt collection procedure;
    • Setting quantitative and qualitative objectives to achieve in terms of decrease of the debt and/or the payment delays;
    • Establish in-house procedures for the company (that procedures could be either preventive ones aimed at reducing the number of unpaid debts – verify regularly the state of solvency of each client, know well the terms of payment determined by law, etc; - or debt recovery procedures per se – reminders, notices to pay, right of retention, express avoidance, compensation, the transmission of the file to an external counsel, etc.);
  • We also help our clients to adapt their contractual documents in order to better preserve their rights (contracts, purchase orders, general terms and conditions, etc.);
  • In some cases – if the amounts in question are significant – it may be advisable to provide guarantees in order to reduce the risks. Thus we assist our clients for the putting in place of such guarantees (surety, privilege, assignment, etc.);
  • If despite of the aforementioned measures certain debts should remain unpaid, we take charge of their recovery either under classical legal proceedings or under alternative dispute resolution ones (conciliation, mediation, arbitration, etc.), in Belgium as abroad;
  • If necessary, we take some protective measures (garnishment of the bank account of the debtor, seizure of movables at his home or his registered office, etc.) in order to guarantee the successful outcome of the proceeding;
  • Finally, we take care of the enforcement of the judgment obtained (seizure, assignment of the debtor into bankruptcy, etc.).


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