English version only for information. In the event of any differences in translations or interpretations, the French version shall prevail.

  1. The present terms and conditions apply to all services provided by the team members of the law firm Lion’s Law (hereinafter “L&L”). Every time when a client requires L&L’s services, he is deemed to have examined and accepted the present general conditions unreservedly. Any contrary terms and conditions of the client shall apply only upon express, preliminary and written acceptance by L&L. Unless L&L publishes or notices in any form whatsoever a newer version, the present terms and conditions shall apply also to any future relationship between the parties. Prior to any addition, modification or exemption, it must be expressly accepted in writing by L&L.
  2. The lawyers of L&L are bound by professional secrecy. All letters, notes, procedural documents, etc. are sent by L&L to the client on the express condition that this last respects their confidentiality. The client could disclose their content to third parties only upon express, preliminary and written acceptance by L&L.
  3. All notes, advices, writings, etc. issued by L&L are protected by intellectual property rights and can only be used or reproduced upon prior express written consent from L&L. These documents are specific to a particular client or situation and cannot be transposed to another situations or persons without new analysis from L&L.
  4. The responsibility of L&L is covered by the insurance subscribed by the Brussels’ Bar association (l'Ordre des avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles) at the insurance company Ethias SA (rue des Croisiers 24, 4000 LIÈGE ; tel. : 04/220.31.11) up to an amount equivalent to 2.500.000 EUR per claim all damages combined. The contractual or extracontractual liability of the firm L&L, as well as the one of all lawyers, service providers, and staff members working at the firm or on its behalf, with respect to all material or immaterial damages (i.e. moral damage, loss of customers, loss of production, loss of time, data loss…) is limited to the amount of coverage of the insurance policy of L&L and is conditional upon the intervention of the insurance. If for any reason whatsoever no compensation is paid under the aforementioned insurance policy(ies), the liability of L&L, as well as the one of its partners, lawyers, associates, trainees and staff, is limited up to the amount of the fees paid by the client for the services provided by L&L that have given rise to such liability. Claims to damages shall lapse in any case twelve months after the event directly or indirectly giving rise to the loss and for which L&L is liable in law. The client shall guarantee L&L and the lawyers working at it or on its behalf against third party claims risen as a result of the execution by L&L of a work on client’s behalf, except in case of misconduct from L&L.
  5. All invoices of L&L are payable in cash and without any discount at its head office or on the specified bank account. In the event of non-payment, the annual default interest and the additional compensation (which cannot be lower than 15% of the amount of the invoice) foreseen by the law of 2 August 2002 shall be due by right as of the date of the invoice, without further notice. The transaction and currency exchange costs shall be borne by the client. Any complaint regarding an invoice must be addressed to L&L by registered letter within 15 days from the date of invoicing. Otherwise, the invoice shall be deemed accepted.
  6. If after the signing of the contract any unforeseeable or unforeseen circumstances arise which render its fulfilment by L&L more complicated or more expensive, L&L shall be allowed to suspend or adapt its obligations accordingly.
  7. Belgian law governs the relationship between L&L and the client. Only the French speaking Courts of the Brussels bar shall be competent to rule on any dispute, but L&L shall also be entitled to introduce the case to the Courts of the domicile or the client or of its registered office.
  8. In the event that any of the clauses of the present terms and conditions is partly or totally found to be null or un-executable, all other clauses shall remain applicable.


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