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Legal expenses insurance

Your legal expenses insurance policy can bear your lawyer expenses!

The legal expenses insurance policy is not a mandatory one and is often offered as additional to another insurance (e.g. family insurance or car insurance (CR or omnium). However a fully-fledged legal expenses insurance is also possible.  

Sometimes your legal expenses insurance bears your lawyer expenses. For the rest, you can choose freely the lawyer that will be defending you and whose expenses will be borne.

If you have such insurance, please inform us and bring your insurance contract with you to our first meeting.  


Subsidies in the Brussels capital region

In Brussels you can receive subsidies covering up to 50% of your lawyer’s expenses!

In the Brussels capital region you can consult a lawyer and receive subsidies covering up to 50% of his fees.

Provided that certain conditions are met, are entitled to benefit from this funding both candidate-entrepreneurs (for the lawyer’s services related to the launching of their activity), and already existing enterprises – self-employed workers or companies (for the legal services needs of their business).

Once again, you are free to consult the lawyer of your choice, provided that he is specialized in the matter in question.

Should you be eligible for such a subsidy, please inform us.


Compensation granted by the court to the winning party

If you win the legal proceeding the losing party must pay you a flat-rate compensation for your lawyer expenses!

At the end of the trial, the winning party has the right to obtain a flat-rate compensation for its lawyer expenses from the losing party.

The amount of this compensation is set by the judge according to a scale that depends on the stake of the case. The judge takes into consideration various factors, i.e. the financial capacity of the losing party, the complexity of the case, the compensation granted to the winning party by the contract, as well as the patent unreasonableness of the situation.  

Here is the currently applicable scale:


Stake of the case Basic compensation Minimum Maximum
Until 250€ 180,00€ 90,00€ 360,00€
From 250,01€ to 750€ 240,00€ 150,00€ 600,00€
From 750,01€ to 2.500€ 480.00€ 240,00€ 1.200,00€
From 2.500,01€ to 5.000€ 780,00€ 450,00€ 1.800,00€
From 5.000,01€ to 10.000€ 1.080,00€ 600,00€ 2.400,00€
From 10.000,01€ to 20.000€ 1.320,00€ 750,00€ 3.000,00€
From 20.000,01€ to 40.000€ 2.400,00€ 1.200,00€ 4.800,00€
From 40.000,01€ to 60.000€ 3.000,00€ 1.200,00€ 6.000,00€
From 60.000,01€ to 100.000€ 3.600,00€ 1.200,00€ 7.200,00€
From 100.000,01€ to 250.000€ 6.000,00€ 1.200,00€ 12.000,00€
From 250.000,01€ to 50.000€ 8.400,00€ 1.200,00€ 16.800,00€
From 500.000,01€ to 1.000.000€ 12.000,00€ 1.200,00€ 24.000,00€
Beyond 1.000.000,01€ 18.000,00€ 1.200,00€ 36.000,00€
Cases without monetary value 1.440,00€ 90,00€ 12.000,00€


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