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The key words of our firm are :

  • Availability and commitement

The human size of our firm allows a direct and easy communication. Easily reachable, we remain always available for our clients who can count on us at any time.

Furthermore, with us your request is not delegated – the lawyer that you meet takes care of it himself and commits totally to it.

  • Quality services and professionalism

Our technical expertise in our practice areas, thorough our knowledge of our files, as well as our multidisciplinary approach are a guarantee of the quality of our services. Regardless of the stake of your request, we always put the legal certainty at the forefront and do everything we do with professionalism.

Furthermore, we keep our mind open and actualize and improve our proficiency by a permanent training. We consider that nothing should be taken for granted and that one should prove each day that he is the best.

  • Efficiency et pragmatism

We favour a pragmatic approach in order to provide clear solutions, without excessive formalism. The solutions that we provide are meant to be efficient and practical, without being deprived of any use by the permanent employment of a standard reserve clauses.

  • Dynamism, energy and tenacity

We treat every request with dynamism and energy. Each hypothesis is taken into consideration, each argument meticulously collected and each lever is used in favour of our clients.

It is our belief that there is a solution for every problem and we mobilize all our proficiency and our expertise to resolve even the cases the most complicated. We never give up and pursue every battle to its end.

  • Relationship with our clients and understanding of their businesses

For Lion’s Law every client matters and we attach great importance to the establishment with each one of them of a privileged long-term relationship based on mutual confidence, transparency and respect. We are always listening to their concerns and that is what enables us to know very well their businesses, as well as the difficulties they are facing, in order to provide them personalized solutions that fit perfectly to their situation.

  • Social and environmental responsibility

We are convinced that nowadays the progress implies respect of the environment, pursuit of a social purpose and sustainable economic models. It is about following a new organizational mode that replaces the human at the heart of the economic, environmental and social stakes. We take that commitment on a modest and pragmatic manner, through everyday acts.

In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we favour teleworking, as well as transport by bicycle, motorcycle or public transport, we limit our gas and electricity consumption, we work digitally reducing the documents printing to the strict minimum, etc.

We also take socially useful initiatives, such as the organization and the participation to some events that aim at supporting project holders in the sharing economy, etc.

Finally, we try to stimulate local economy, e.g. by establishing contacts with other local professionals and by favoring those last for our services and supplies needs.



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